Taking the first steps toward recovery can seem overwhelming. You may have a lot of questions and may be unsure where to begin. Give us a call today so we can talk about your needs.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Making sense of emotions and behaviors is difficult and can be frustrating for both patients and family members. People often struggle with a troubling mix of symptoms – such as sadness, worry, irritability, insomnia or inattention – and behaviors – such as drug use, social withdrawal, compulsions, or self-injury. Often we try to explain these problems in the context of our lives but fail to find relief.

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Individual Psychotherapy

At Via Clinic we believe psychotherapy is the driving force behind lasting change. While medications may quickly provide symptomatic relief, research has shown that psychotherapy provides a gradual and sustainable improvement that continues well beyond completion of therapy.

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Medical Management

The mental health field has seen great strides in the development of effective psychiatric medications. Pharmacotherapy is often integral in facilitating the healing process. At Via Clinic we believe in well rounded and comprehensive medical management that goes well beyond “just the meds.”

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Via Clinic offers single consultations regarding diagnosis, treatment, or fitness for duty. Consultations are most often requested by the individual, the current treatment provider, or an employer.

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